Soft Tissue Surgery For Pets In Cape Girardeau, MO

Welcome to Dogwood Veterinary Hospital, the reliable choice for top-notch soft tissue surgery in Cape Girardeau, MO. Our advanced medicine and up-to-date veterinary technology ensure that your pets receive exceptional care.

We’re not just professionals with a strong foundation in animal science; we are compassionate animal lovers committed to providing the best for your furry companions. Trust us to offer more than professional veterinary services, but also peace of mind as we help nurture healthier lives for your beloved pets.

What We Offer

We specialize in a broad spectrum of soft tissue surgeries aimed at improving and maintaining the health of your precious pets. The procedures we offer include emergency surgeries, spay/neuter operations, gastrointestinal surgeries for complications such as intestinal obstructions or stomach tumors, lump and tumor removals, skin grafts for critical wounds, bladder stone extractions, spleen procedures and reconstructive surgery after an accident.

Our use of state-of-the-art veterinary equipment coupled with our vast experience in animal science ensures each operation is carried out with exceptional precision and care. Delivering top-tier veterinary services that not only boost your pet’s wellness but also offers you tranquility knowing they are living healthier lives is our utmost priority.

Why Choose Dogwood Veterinary Hospital

Choosing a veterinary care center for your beloved pet is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. We believe Dogwood Veterinary Hospital should be at the top of your list and here’s why.

Our team has a profound understanding of animal science and we’re passionate about providing advanced medicine to ensure healthier lives for our furry patients. We highlight preventative care, from regular physical exams to diagnostic testing; all designed to give you peace of mind regarding any potential animal health concerns.

Moreover, as an established name among veterinary hospitals in Cape Girardeau, we prioritize spending time with each client and their pet—discussing preventive medicine or explaining complex internal medicine or surgical matters—ensuring every question is addressed comprehensively.

Because at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital, not only are we professionals who love what we do; above all else–we’re genuine animal lovers at heart.